Fund Raising with Craft Roasted Coffee

Not looking forward to the next bake sale or car wash? Craft Roasting is proud to partner with schools, sports programs and charity organizations to create unique fundraising opportunities that will be a breath of fresh air to your fundraising community – a breath of freshly roasted, delicious, coffee-scented air.

Fundraising programs can feature one-time purchases or subscriptions. Either way, you make up to 30% on each item purchased.

One-Time Purchases

For one-time purchase fundraisers, all sales will be batched together and shipped to the organization for delivery to purchasers.

Product Options:

  • Sampler Package
    • 2oz each of Coffeehouse Blend, Single Origin and Daybreak Blend
  • Single Packages
    • 6 or 12oz package of Coffeehouse Blend, Espresso, Single origin or Daybreak Blend.
  • Barista Package
    • 6oz each of Coffeehouse Blend, Espresso, Single Origin and Daybreak Blend
    • A selection of Torrani syrups


Subscription fundraisers allow organizations to offer 1,3 or 6 month subscription packages to purchasers. Subscriptions will be shipped directly to the purchaser.

Contact us to learn more about our fundraiser options.