Brew the perfect cup


Great coffee starts with great beans. Freshly roasted beans are essential, so buy them in small amounts, ideally every one to two weeks. Your beans don’t like the sun, so store them in a cool, dark place. Not the freezer!


Bad water makes bad coffee. Bottled spring water is your best bet. Avoid softened or distilled water; the natural minerals in water are essential to the brewing process.


Always grind your beans just before you brew. Watch the size of your grind. Bitter coffee means the beans are ground too finely. Flat coffee is ground too coarsely.

2 Tablespoons / 6 oz of Water


Enjoy from a warmed mug or coffee cup. Pause to take in the aroma. Everything is about to get a little bit easier, a little bit better, and a little bit happier. Take a sip. Taste the difference fresh makes.